Pep Guardiola will leave Barcelona?

The new season of the Champions League promises to be a real treat for football fans. The competition is very intense and the teams are constantly trying to improve their positions in the standings. This is especially true of Barcelona, which has a very difficult task ahead of it.
The Catalans have a good lineup, but it is not enough to win the Champions Cup. The team needs to do its best in the domestic arena, too.
This is why Guardiola is leaving the club. The Catalan coach has repeatedly stated that he will not stay at the club for long, and he will leave at the end of the season. However, he is not the only one who wants to leave the club, as it has been reported that Josep Guardiola wants to go to Manchester City.

The team’s situation is quite ambiguous, because the coach is not yet ready to make a decision. However it is clear that the situation will change soon, because Barcelona needs to strengthen its lineup.
Will Guardiola leave the team?
Barcelona has a long bench, and the coach himself has admitted that it is quite difficult to choose the lineup for each game. This fact has already been noted by many fans, who are quite satisfied with the current lineup of the team.
However, the team needs a lot of changes, because it is now quite unstable. The coach himself admitted that he does not know how to choose a good goalkeeper, and this is not a good thing for the team’s results.
In addition, the players are not able to play at 100%, so they need to do their best. It is clear, then, that the coach will not be able to stay at Barcelona for long.
Who will replace Guardiola?
The main candidate for the position of the new coach of Barcelona is ​​Klopp. The German coach is quite capable of leading the team to victory in the Champions league, and it is likely that he can be the one to solve the problem of the coach’s departure.
Livescore today of the most popular football matches
The season of La Liga is already in full swing, and fans have already enjoyed a lot. The teams are playing against each other in the Spanish championship, and there are a lot to choose from.
It is easy to follow the livescore today on the website of sports statistics, which provides the latest information about the matches of the Spanish championships.
Fans can follow the results of the matches with the help of the convenient interface, which allows them to quickly find the information they need.
Here, the fans can find the results, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches, as soon as they are held.
Bundesliga: the first round
The first round of the German championship was held, and Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund met in the first match of the series. The fans were quite happy with the result of the game, and they can be sure that the teams will be able not to lose points in the remaining rounds.
At the moment, the Bundesliga is the most interesting championship in the world, and its results are always interesting to follow.
There are a number of teams in the tournament, and many of them are quite strong. This means that it will be very difficult for the teams to fight for the gold medals, but they will be quite capable to do it. The Bundesliga is a tournament that can be won by any team, because there are no strong rivals in it. This makes the German Championship one of the best in Europe.
You can always follow the Bundesliga results on the sports statistics website. Here, the data is updated in real time, and you can find out the latest news about the game of the teams from all over the world.
Current Bundesliga standings
The current Bundesliga standings are quite interesting, because many teams have already won the tournament. This allows you to follow their progress in realtime.
Of course, this is a good opportunity to learn about the results and the results that can help you to make the right decisions. The current standings of the Bundesliga show that Borussia D is the current champion, having won the title for the third time in a row.
Also, Bayern Munich is in the lead, having already won three titles. However the club has a good chance to win a fourth one, because Borussia is not very strong.
Despite this, the Bavarians are quite capable, too, because they have a number 1 and 2. However they have to do a lot better in the next rounds, because if they do not, then they will have to fight against the teams that have already been eliminated from the tournament already.
Follow the Bundesliga standings on the site of sports statistical, where the data about the games of the clubs is updated quickly.
Live soccer scores today
The live soccer scores of the championship of England are also interesting to watch. The English Premier League is a strong tournament, which attracts a lot attention from the fans.
Due to this, it is easy for fans to follow its results. The website of the sports statistical offers the latest data about it, and here you can always find the live soccer score of the match.
Many fans like to watch the matches in live mode, because this is much more convenient, and because the results are available to them immediately.

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