Arsenal – Fulham major transfer news

The English Premier League is the most popular football championship in the world. It is the main event in the calendar of the season, and the fans from all over the world come to watch it. This year, the competition is intense, and this is reflected in the number of transfers that have been made in the last season.
It is worth noting that the Premier League has recently become more interesting. In the last few seasons, the teams have been more active in the transfer market, and many of them managed to get a lot of good players.
Arsenal – the team that managed to sign a number of players from the Premier league
The Arsenal team has recently managed to significantly improve its position in the standings. The team managed to reach the Champions League zone, and in the next season, it will be able to challenge the leaders of the Premier.
The team has already managed to strengthen its lineup, which now includes:
* Lukasz Piszczek;
* Granit Xhaka;
– Ramsey;
In addition to the above, the team also has:
· Lukas Podolski;
· Lukas Fabianski;
· Granit’s brother.
This lineup is a good match for the team, and it is one of the main reasons why it is considered as one of Europe’ss most promising teams.

The transfer of a player from the team is always a very difficult task, and we will see how the team will do it. The main transfer of the team this year is the signing of the Spanish midfielder, which will allow the team to significantly strengthen its line-up.
English Premier League table
The Premier League standings are very interesting, and they show the changes in the team’ position in each round. In this season, the main transfer that the team managed is the acquisition of the midfielder, who will be a good addition to its lineup.
In the last two seasons, Arsenal managed to achieve great results, and now the team has a good chance to win the championship. The club is one step closer to the goal, but it will not be easy, because the team needs to strengthen the line-ups.
If you want to follow the English Premier league table, you can use the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the latest information about the matches of the championship, as well as the results of the games.
Football news on fscores
The football season is in full swing, and fans from around the world are waiting for the fight for the champion title. The Premier League results are already available on, and you can follow the development of events in the tournament on the website.
Among the main transfers of the last year, there are:
1. Granit. The midfielder was acquired for a price of approximately 8 million pounds. He is a young player, who has already made a number appearances for the club. The price was a little high, but the player has already shown that he is a worthy acquisition.
2. Lukaku. The Portuguese striker has been acquired for 6 million pounds, which is a very good price. The player is a newcomer to the team and has not yet had a chance to prove himself.
3. Sokratis. The Greek midfielder has also been acquired at a good price, but he is not the main acquisition of Arsenal. The cost of the player is 5 million pounds and he is expected to be a great addition to Arsenal’ lineup. The transfer of Sokratas was the last one, and he will join the club in summer.
4. Fabians. The defender was acquired at the cost of 4 million pounds for a number that is not very high. He has already played for the first team for several years, and will be an important addition to it.
5. Wilshere. The Arsenal player has been bought for 4 million, which was a good deal for the player. The costs of the transfer are not very expensive, and Arsenal will be very happy to have him.
6. Koscielny. The Frenchman was acquired by the club for 4.5 million pounds in the summer. The signing of Koscielsny is a great acquisition for the Gunners, because he is an excellent defender. The French player has played for several clubs in the Premier, and is a reliable performer.
7. Monreal. The Spanish player was acquired in the offseason for 4,5 million. The acquisition of Monreal is a really good deal, because it is a player who can be used in several positions of the lineup. Monreal has already scored a lot for the national team, so it is not a surprise that the club is interested in signing him.
You can follow football news on the fscore website, where you can find the results and the schedule of upcoming matches.
Fulham – the club that has recently made a lot
The last season of the English Championship was very successful for the Fulham. The fans were very happy with the performance of the club, and a lot was expected from the club this year.
However, the club did not manage to reach its goal, and there were several reasons for this. The first of them is the transfer of Andy Carroll.

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